Pure tradition

Si CAFFÈ is roasted in the same way today as it was 150 years ago.

A tradition you can taste in three different blends, our coffee satisfies with a hazelnut coloured crème and an authentic taste.

With our three roasted blends, this versatile coffee is deployable almost everywhere – whether in your canteen, office or gastronomy, Si CAFFÈ will please aficionados of the classical taste and pleases the eye with a noble and ageless design.

Pure, traditional coffee.


Long-term drum roast

Si CAFFÈ unites all of the characteristics of a typical Italian espresso. A prominent dark roast that envelopes you in a broad, classy aroma thanks to the long-term drum roasting – the only way to enjoy that typical taste of Italy.


Three different blends – culinary delight for any taste


      Promise of Quality


      The quality of our Si CAFFÈ blend is under constant scrutiny, which doesn’t just include the raw beans and the visual roasting result such as the colour but also the sensory perception of the product and the behaviour during extraction.

      It may be that change is the only constant in life – but we promise to keep up the standard of our Si CAFFÈ products. Consistently!


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